The Utah telemarketing scam ring - Thrive Learning Institute, Colton Moody


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I have also been scammed by Thrive & and their affiliate company- ____________ Learning LLC.
I've posted my story on my blog:

Please also visit this blog... it is where I found the most help... I AM ACTUALLY GETTING A COMPLETE REFUND!!!!!... I followed the steps listed here:

Please don't give up! I know how you feel. This experience has been EXTREMELY exhausting- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually... but there is hope...
Please view the above info and also contact The Utah Division of Consumer Protection asap. Investigator Mike Pitts has been helping me.
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@prosperityscammedme. Welcome to AFI. I am a little intrigued by this statement.
I certainly hope it is so, but how do you know? the difference between some one saying they will receive a refund and actually getting the money can be vast. When is this due to take place?

Please post again if you receive the full refund and let us know, or if "problems" arise and you do not receive the full refund. Thank you.


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I actually have received the check and just deposited it into my bank account. It should clear by Tuesday May 17th. But the company wants me to sign a form stating that I will not post any negative comments online about them. That is why I checked back in here, to edit my post to remove their name. I have done that, but now need to change my user name since it has their name in it. I can't figure how to do that. Can you help me??

De Master Yoda

Please advise if the cheque clears and you have received a FULL refund.

Then I will look at the request.

If a company has done wrong then there should be no conditions attached to them correcting that mistake. However we do not live in a perfect world and sometimes we have to bend a little.

I am taking a copy of the posts so I will have a copy if needed in the future.


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I agree with you but would like to change my user name at this point regardless. It is wrong for you to put a condition on answering my simple request. I understand where you're coming from, but it is wrong.

And just FYI- Investigator Mike Pitts with the Utah Divsion of Consumer Protection, a government agency, has been working with me on my case and assures me that if the company does not follow through with this, they will be forced to pay a lot more than my refund amount. If you like, you can contact him at:
Michael Pitts - Investigator
Utah Division of Consumer Protection
160 East 300 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
801-530-6007 - Voice
801-530-6001 - Fax


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@ De Master Yoda
Just checking in and giving an update. (Where did our last two posts go? 1 or yours and one of mine)
Anyway, the check cleared and I wanted you to know since you asked that I report back. I received a complete refund of $12,500.
Thank you so much for this site!
And I sincerely hope that folks stay away from Thrive and any of their affiliate companies.
Good day~


This old and very false

I am currently making over $10,000 a month. I accredit ALL of this due to the help I have received through Thrive Learning. There appears to be three complaints circulating around the web but on a number of sites - this is so bogus - I am sure there are thousands just like me. But, I have been very successful - the coaches have been professional, knowledgeable and available when I have needed. This has saved my life