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An anti-fraud website mainly for UK residents but it has other good information on scams in general. They want to help older people who are not always able to recognise fraud.

From the owners:

Just to show how serious it is 22,000 elderly and vulnerable people replied to one scam letter in less than a week, £500,00 a total of £35 million a year from one scam alone.

We are constantly alerted to elderly people who have emptied bank accounts and sold their homes to keep up with the scammers who are befriending /tricking and threatening them.

The clairvoyant scams are particually disstressing for elderly. some of victims receive over 100 scam letters a day all deliverd by the Royal Mail.
There is massive profit to be made from handeling and delivering scam mail and rememer all victims have to pay postage on the pre adressed envelopes.

Hundreds of posties are contacting us telling of obvious victims on their rounds, yet they are unable to sound the alarm.

We are campaining for all posties to have scam alert forms that they can hand into their manages these then can then be passed to agencys like age concern who can send some one out.

Many many vicims live alone and are in their 70s/80s/90s scammers even telephone them and tell them to keep quiet or threaten court action if they dont continue to pay up.

The clairvoyants claim to see harm heading towards them or their family members and need a fee to channel it a way.

To an elerly often confused/ forgetful person the mental torment is worse than the loss of cash.

Thanks for your help, this is the press relaese from SOCA about the 22,000 victims that sent their cash. All will have their names on suckers lists and be receiving piles of scam mail daily.

The scammers will probably send letters telling them that the SOCA letter is a scam!!