Third Annual Most Aesthetically Challenged Contest

3rd Annual Most Aesthetically Challenged Scammer

  • Daniel Berner

    Votes: 25 80.6%
  • Ndazeh Valery Nchiakeh

    Votes: 6 19.4%

  • Total voters
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Gentle Giant

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One of those special treats for regulars, the chance to vote in that most exacting and demanding of categories, the Most Aesthetically Challenged Contest. This is not the contest for everyone. No, it takes a special kind of scammer to qualify for that, and for that reason I'm going to nominate Daniel Berner for this. Unless you are new here or have been living in a cave somewhere with no internet access, you know Daniel.



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Daniel will probably say that I am going to make up some story about his being an atheist. :rolleyes:
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