Thomas L. Roman, Dispatcher

from: MR. THOMAS L. ROMAN <>
reply-to: "MR. THOMAS L. ROMAN" <>
date: Fri, Jan 19, 2018 at 11:55 AM
subject: a great occupation is the earnest of happiness


In order to succeed at this job, you always have to be ready to receive all incoming mail from 9am till 5pm, therefore you must always be home. All incoming mail will be on client's name. All packages will be delivered to your place by package services such as UPS andmany others. You will be getting packages from web stores that do not ship goods outside of the United States. Then, you must inspect packages for defects and upload pictures to working web panel. Right after a visual examination, you will receive prepaid labels and shipping instructions , then a package will be sent from you straight to our or to our processing center in United States, then to the country order order was received. All merchandise shipments must be separated in 2 types: electronic items and personal-clothes, car parts, toys,, etc. We don't ship merchandise which is restricted or banned for United States export.

Here is the list of your daily duties:
- Always be at home at the time of the delivery
- Check external quality of packages
- Take 4-5 pics with a phone or a camera of each package, upload photos to working control panel
- Print out label and send out package within the next seven hours from your post office
- About 11 Sq. Ft. of free area in your own home

Job requirements:
* A valid US id
* About 12 Sq. Ft. of free space
* Ability to write and basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction)
* At least 18 years old
* Basic computer skills and stable internet connection as well as working mailbox that you can check throughout the day
* Experience with Adobe Acrobat Reader office, Excel
* A phone with a camera and a scanner
* Accuracy of completing the tasks.

Salary and Compensations:
- We guarantee a rate in the amount of $2700 per month plus bonuses
- Compensation packages for , maintenance of vehicles, many benefits and much more
- Payments will be made by PayPal or check.

With respect, MR. THOMAS L. ROMAN