Thomas M James, Western Union

Central Scrutinizer

Staff member
Return-Path: <>
Received: from (EHLO (
From: Mary Wilkinson Cole <>
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2018
Subject: Your Money Transfer Control Number (M.T.C.N) 8645159651

Urgent Attention Beneficiary

I want to inform you that we have already sent you $5000.00 US Dollars through Western Union as we have been given the mandate to transfer your full over due payment total sum of $10.5 Millions USD via Western Union by the Ministry of Finance. I tried reaching you on phone to give you all the information on phone but I couldn’t get through yesterday,

So I decided to email you the MTCN and sender name so that you can pick up the $5000.00 to enable us send another $5000.00 today as you know we will be sending you $5000.00 only per transfer. And it was agreed that you will pay the Transfer Permit and Fund Release Order Certificate fee which the sum of $$185 before your be release to you.

Below is the western union information to pick up the $5000.00; which you will be receiving daily after send the Transfer Permit and Fund Release Order Certificate charges fee sum of $$185 and it will serve as re confirmation of the payment file.

Here is the Senders Information;
Money Transfer Control Number (M.T.C.N) 8645159651
Sender Name=====Jackey Spurlin
Sender County=====Benin Republic
Test Question====When
Mtcn=====# 8645159651

Confirmation: visit our official website by clicking on( when opens click on (tracking) and write down the MTCN Number :(8645159651) and sender as (Jackey Spurlin)

Our agreement is that you will receiving sum of $5,000 USD daily until the total of $10.5 Millions USD is transferred in your name.

Also fill the information below to help us facilitate your transfer via Western Union:
1) Your Full Name:.............
2) Country and Mobile:. .
3) Home/ Office Address:....
4) Profession and Age:.......
5) Copy of your id Card.....

Note: The Only Fee Request for You Is $$185 for reactivate of the Western Union MTCN Number to your name and Transfer Permit and Fund Release Order Certificate charges fee only, and after this Fee, No More Fee again after that alright.

Mr. Thomas M James
Western Union Supervisor