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Mac is here: Mac McCarron, Dundee Perth & London Shipping Co.

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Subject: My Dear ,
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 2020

My Dear ,

I hope my mail meets you in good faith..I work as a account executive with Dundee Shipping company here in the UK, Dundee is a very big company here is our website (www.dpandl.co.uk), my main aim of contacting you is because Our company is about to embark into buying of some quantity of an Oil lubricant which is mainly distributed from Asia for our ship services and maintenance.I need a reliable individual or friend from any part of the world that can handle this project which will be a one year contract of interval supplies.i have made the necessary researches and arrangement/funds on this transaction.I wish to intimate you into making this supply if you will accept my conditions.I will give you the full informations if i find you interested by replying me to my private email mcarontim@gmail.com I have included my email so that we can be in contact immediately after you must have read and understood this summary of supply proposal
I Hope to hear from you soon

Best Regards,
Tim MCcarron