Timothy Gates, US Army Surgeon


Audra Vorapanya

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Hello everyone, I'm having an experience that is similar to what you all have mentioned above. Someone named Timothy Gates contacted me on Facebook, asked to be my friend which I ignorantly accepted and then he started having a conversation with me on Messenger. Said he is an orthopedic surgeon for the US Army and is stationed in Syria, Damascus. Said he lost his wife 3 years ago, although we just had our first conversation last night so I was not going to ask him permission to talk about it. In all his photos on Facebook, he appears to be in his early to mid 40's and has a son around 4-5 years old. I asked about his son and he said he is staying with his late mom's sister in Sweden. Timothy is supposed to come back to the states in Los Angeles where he has an apartment at the end of this month when his assignment is done. He said he'll be here indefinitely until he gets another assignment, but likely not back to Syria. He then told me he does not have a cell phone because it was smashed while he was attending to a medical emergency over there so he asked to chat with me on Google Hangouts which we did last night. His gmail is timothygates14@gmail.com. He asked me what my Zodiac sign is, said I seem to be a woman with a big heart and asked if I believed in giving. I answered not knowing then he might be a possible scam. Said I had just donated to the Red Cross for the Hurricane Harvey victims out of TX and I donate my time to local charity all the time like YMCA. Said that God created a perfect woman like me and used some line about not even thousands of orchids compare to my beauty - I straight up told him that - that's a line if I ever heard one! He said there's nothing to do for fun in the camp he is staying at in Syria except walk around there on weekends and chat with new friends he made. What's strange is that he is coming back to Los Angeles first, then he is going back to Sweden sometime to pick up his son. Why wouldn't he pick up his son first if he misses him, then come home to the states? That was the gist of the conversation, but it sure is looking like this is a scam similar to what's been discussed above.


He tried to do the same to me. I told him I was married and watch to
Much dr Phil to believe anything he has to say. He said it didn’t matter if I was married I said well it does to me. Quit sending me private messages. I said so you work on backs then and no response. Lmao

Stacy fabulous

@ Audra Vorapanya - Yes this is a scam. Same scam tactics as many others use as you say.
This guy is real, he isn't like scam, you didn't talk to him for more than a day and you concluded that's not right, you should have known him more I facetime his mom, I have his mom on facebook

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Laural Barnes

These things happen but i don't believe your story, you didn't text him for long, I have a brother in the Army, sometimes it's really hard to get him on video, all we do is text, we only see each other when he comes home, so I bet you should have talked more with him

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Emma David

My husband is in the Army, the he goes for an assignment, he always tell me how he feels lonely and need to talk to me but I'm always working, so I guess same thing happened to this guy, but what I don't buy is why will his kid be in Sweden, doesn't he has a family in the US

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patchara Luis

Hey, I've had a guy talk to me in such way, he was nice and very cool, at first when he told he couldn't facetime me, I thought I was being catfished but as soon as we started getting along, he was real, when he came to the States, we fixed a date, at first I was scared, thought he would break my heart, but that didn't happen I saw him from quite some distance and I knew that was him, we had good time talking face to face, and I'm glad to tell you we'll be getting married on February when he returns to Pennsylvania, I'm trying not all are fake

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Thank you "ladies" and whatever you are Luis. It's interesting that you all managed to post in 12 minutes from,
Nigeria, Lagos, Mtn Nigeria
. What a remarkable concidence.

De Master Yoda

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Stacy fabulous Guest,
Laural Barnes Guest,
Emma David Guest,
patchara Luis Guest.
All posted saying similar things and that the scammer is a good guy. Strange thing is that they ALL had the same IP.
Continent: Africa
Country: Nigeria

What really confirms that a message is from a scammer is when he tries to convince people he is not a scammer, by posting FAKE testimonials.

The low life scammer using the name of
Timothy Gates May be in line for one of our IDIOT awards.


My girlfriend has been talking to a Timothy Gates.

She is head over heels in love.

I added him on facebook was blocked by him when I started asking to many questions.

Says he is in the Army has a young son wife passed away blah blah.

Won't believe he is really until he arrives in Australia, sometime in January.

Was meant to be in in November then by Christmas!!


I have been talking to this guy Timothy Gates too, his an orthopedic surgeon based in Syria and his wife passed away , his son lives in America with his wife's family . He needs $400 either cash (to be sent to USA) or an itunes card for paperwork so he can leave Syria and go back to LA . We have been talking for about a year now and have spoken via video calls too . He was talking about us getting married but l always sensed something wasnt quiet right .. when l refused to send money he turned nasty and called me every name under the sun and blocked all contact with me . Timothy Gates is a fraud be aware ladies dont fall for his sweet talk he only wants money from you !