Timothy McCarter, loan collection


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He made a loan to a person and that person cannot repay at first. Any lawyer will receive a check which is fake.

It is reported that the debt is owed by Andrew Richard. He uses email andrich1245@gmail.com or andrewrichard78@yahoo.com.

Fake checks are very large about USD$ 350,000 or more. Lawyers, please do no take these checks.


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Andrew Richards sends this letter:


I was informed by Mr. Timothy McCarter that you had filed a lawsuit against me regarding the money I owe him and it is my belief that we can settle this amicably without going to court as I intend to pay every cent back.

I experienced some financial setback which caused my inefficiency to completely settle the debt at the appropriate time but I am glad everything is getting back as it should be. I would be truly grateful if we can settle this matter without ever going to court.

I informed Mr. McCarter that I had just concluded the sale of a family estate in Canada and he should give me a few days to get the money to him, but he insisted that all settlement had to be done through your firm.

As proof that I am serious about paying back the entire loan I have enclosed with this letter a check for payment of the loan.

I know I am also responsible for all legal fees according to the loan agreement and I am ready to satisfy that also. deduct your legal fees from the funds with you and use the balance as part payment of the loan.

I am presently away and won’t be back for another month, but I will make sure I come see you as soon as I return so we can formally close this loan.

I would like to have a complete breakdown of any balance remaining, including interest incurred. I would appreciate it if we can keep this problem between us because I don’t want to get my wife or any other family member involved.

You can reach me at anytime by email on andrich1245@gmail.com or andrewrichard78@yahoo.com. Thanks for your understanding and I hope we can settle this matter amicably.

Yours sincerely
Andrew Richard