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Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2020
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Subject: Dear Applicant,

Dear Applicant,

There's a job opportunity available in our organization and we believe you would be able to handle this position. Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Data Entry etc. Your detail has been forwarded to the Human Resources Department and the Head of Operations Ms. Tina Joe would be conducting an interview with you to discuss the job detail, pay scale, benefit and briefing regarding the position in our organization.

If you are still available and interested in any of the position, You are to set up a screen name with Gmail account on (www.gmail.com) and then hangout on (www.google. com/hangouts) and message Ms, Tina Joe on (tjo20959@gmail.com) for the interview process, your verification code is (ZJOB-FRD20), this would serve as your identification number throughout the on-line hiring process.

The interview process is strictly through chat Google HangOut (Gmail IM) for a proper conversation. Please be on-line for your interview and briefings. Your timely response matters a lot. We look forward to having you on the team.

Employer: Ms. Tina Joe
Interview Time: ASAP
Pay: $35 - $45 hourly
Venue: Google HangOut (Gmail IM)
Positions Available: Customer Service Representative, Administrative
Assistant, Data Entry
Best regard
Human Resources Department


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JOB AVAILABLE!!! For update on job interview and briefing contact Ms, Tina Joe on this Email: mstinajoe@gmail.com