To whom it may concern


Juliet Espiritu

To whom it may concern:

I have been scammed for so many times but I still keep on believing on the premises that there are good, truthful and sincere person out there who, in the hope of my penniless situation, will give me the blissful hope of be given a far beyond imagination - richness where I can still enjoy the comfort, luxury and pleasure of how it is to be filthy rich.

They'll engage with you for so many sessions till the time when you have entrusted your hope and a bit of faith to these scammers where at the near end of negotiation, will make you absolutely cling to his promised fortune but with a small sacrifice of sending them out a minimal amount in proportion to the humongous wealth they have pledged.

The irony of it is the fact that you have told them that I'm but a senior, flat broke woman and does not have any capacity at all to deposit nor send a small fee for the progress of the transaction. Out of overseeing the tons or truckloads of money they have committed, you'll do all just to secure the completion of the deal.

How many unscrupulous, avaricious people are still living here on earth? More than you can imagined; much more than the millions and millions of dollars/pounds/euros that they have promised. And how many gullible and naive people will keep on believing and entrusting their future to these maleficent, flesh- eating, and devilish persons. Still there will be jumbo jets load or titanic-like vessel filled with treasure hunters or material idolaters.

Will there be any responsible world organization who can track down these swindlers and soul devourers?.People with this injurious intention should be faced with the maximum death penalty because they are heinous murderers of bare ignoramus simpleton. No cheaters will last long if there are no suckers hanging on them.

This is my call to abdicate these malevolent perpetrators ~ Let there be JUSTICE through compensation scheme to those who have been duped of their priced spirit possessions. Give the maximum death penalty of firing squad, guillotine or atrophied body left under the sun. There is no greater penalty than to let them suffer bit by bit the consequences of their sacrilegious intentions.

For covetousness is an excessive desire for riches; this is tantamount to idolatry. Let us not indulge in extortion and robbery. If your wealth increases, don't make it the center of your life and share whatever blessings you're endowed with. Peace will reign to those who fear violation of human conditions, shamming deceit and treacherous strategy.

De Master Yoda

@Juliet welcome to AFI. Sadly there is NO hope of getting any money or riches from the internet.

I am sorry to hear that you have been scammed. Please do not send any money for any reason or you will allow this to continue.

Unfortunately there are lots of scammers and you must not believe them.