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Environmentally conscious scammer

Here is a scammer who believes in recycling, recycling his fake IDs, that is.

ID Names used: # 1 - Alfred Mensah, of the Banquiers sans Frontieres (B.S.F.), Lome, Togo
# 2 - Benson Anthony, of the African Development Bank (Annex), Lome, Togo
#3 - Morgan Smith, of the Banque Togolaise pour le Commerce et Industrie, BTCI, Togo
#4 - Sanchez Mbeki, B.T.C.I. Bank, Lome Togo.

The scammer is Immanuel Chineye, of Togo

Mensah Alfred.jpg

Benson Anthony.jpg

Smith Morgan.jpg

Mbeki Sanchez id.jpg


Here is a Togolese driver's license used by scammers. They use an almost identical template for the Benin one:

Togo dl.jpg