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hello , i'm new here so it's started 8 days ago when i find on internet iphones 5s at good price , skype id : electronics.store4 scam


So i started to talk to this guy , he say he lives in england . i ordered 5 phones from him for 960€ , with fedex courier he say , after i paied him he send me this link for tracking the package<> as you can see it's fake .first he say to pay 50% to gain my confidence and the rest after package receive. after one day he say to me the package was stopped in ucraina and will not go if i not pay the rest of 50% , so i pay the rest of 50%. after 4-5 days he told me that the package arrived in port and is blocked there and i should pay more money , then i realized that something was wrong and i refused to send more money.
The name of who i paied is : tokumboh adeogun , 537 chester street brooklyn, new york
<> , mail: <> , <> skype id: electronics.store4 IP:
The invoice that he send to me says DK Electronics Super store , Head Office Carlton Avenue East Wembley HA9 8PZ United Kingdom , <> , Branch office: 23 Industrial estate Apapa Lagos , 23401 Nigeria
Another name he gave me : Ayomide Badmus Address:12 toyin street City:Ikeja State:Lagos Zipcode:23401 nigeria
i have been cheated :mad: sorry for my english and if it's the wrong section

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Hello and welcome djysy2000 and sorry to learn that you have been scammed. You can try and report the above information to your local police, take copies of all emails and documents with you.

the site <> has a notice on it's page here: <> which clearly states, "Please be aware that we DO NOT sell mobile phones, we are a price comparison website."

DK Electronics Super Store

There appears to be a FREE website for a company with the above name but they are based in Cheshire, UK and not Wembley, UK. However, the email address <> which you give above does belong to this site, see: <>

I note that this "store" does not have a land line, HUGE REG FLAG, the number they use is a cell/mobile number +447035936327 and is a UK redirect number which means this phone can be answered from anywhere in the world.

The IP address which you also give relates to Nigeria.

We have noted your comments regarding website <> which is live but there is NO webpage content. This fake site was opened February 14, 2014 and is due to expire February 14, 2015, again a RED FLAG due to a one year registration.

Thank you for your post.



Ok my name is Tokumboh Adeogun, an sorry you have been scammed but I never scammed you, I believe some one is using my name. I use to live on 537 chester str but don't live there anymore. If you need to contact me 3478196600, I will get my lawyers involve, and sue anyone involve for defamation.