Tom Grady


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Please help this poor man. NOT! :rofl: Confidential. You betcha Tom. I won't tell a soul.

From Tom Grady
X-Originating-IP:, Nigeria,
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From: Tom Grady <>
Subject: An Emergency

I hope this message finds you in best of health. I had traveled to Nigeria for official purposes, Unfortunately for me all my money was stolen at the hotel where i lodged, I am so confused right now, I dont know what to do or where to go,I didn't bring my phone here, I have access to only emails, Please can you send me $2000 today so i can return home, As soon as I get home i would refund it immediately.Write me so i can let you know how to send it. Please this is confidential , ok !!!

Tom Grady

===============Number 2.============

I sent you the email , ok. I am in Nigeria now , need you to loan me the money so i be on the next available flight back home, will refund it as soon as i get back to the states,ok. Please help me send the money today through western union with my information below.

Name: Tom Grady
Address: 24 peye street, Bodija
City: Ibadan
State: Oyo
Country: Nigeria
Zip Code: 23402

Please use this test question and answer.

Please email me with all the western union details that i would need to have the money picked up once you have it sent to me ,or you could scan the Receipt and email it to me, ok.
I think it's great to know that if a scammer/ criminal needs a handout that there is someone like us to help publicise his cause. I mean imagine if we didn't help him? who would ever know about his plight? A big pat on the back is due to all of us I think.