Tom Kirkman, Esq


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From: Tom Kirkman <>
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2018
Subject: URGENT...


I seek for your recognition to enable me prepare a letter of claim and power of attorney indicating you as the next of kin to my late client that has the same surname with you. I have tried to locate any of his relative for the claim of Thirty one Million Seven hundred Thousand United States Dollars( $31.7 Million) deposited to a bank but all proves abortive. I have the entire deposit requirement that was properly handed over to me which i will submit to the bank for approval once i have your consent.

Everything documentation concerning this transaction will be legally attested to.

The quotient of sharing will be agreed between both of us.

Update me with the flowing details for confirmation.
1 Full name
2 Address
3 Telephone
4 Country
5 Year of birth.

I expect an immediate response to enable me expedite action in this transaction.

Tom Kirkman E S Q
Principal Attorney.
Tom Kirkman.
Nigeria, Lagos, Glomobile
From: Tom Kirkman