Top 10 things to do with a 419 scammer


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I found it! The absolute perfect job for the yahoo boyz, and one which actually pays a salary-- animal maintenance!



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No, that's getting into the belly of the beast the hard way. That ain't a delivery canal.

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I was thinking that having them check downed power lines to see if the line is live or not could be a useful thing to do with a scammer. "See that line? Go pick it up and check it."
What about sending them out into the snow to check for snow depth? If they freeze and then you don't find them until April or May when the snow melts, well next time you go out, wear shoes.


Use them as a boat anchor?

To replace missing train rail?

Use as a screen against birds on plane engines?

Use them as the "man" at the Burning Man festivities? (At least 100 to make it a large "man")

Feed cave rats (unless it would give the rats indigestion)?

Use a scammer for outter-space oxygen sensor,:eek: or suicide bomb test dummy, farm them out to a large cat wildlife refuge as toys for the tigers/panthers, laborers on a chain gang to build a wall around Afghanistan (like China's Great Wall-that will keep them busy for a long while!), :whip:strap 50 of them to a pallet and use in cargo drop training from military planes, juju (voodoo) dolls, live cadavers for surgeons to practice on, sniper training targets, psychological torture test subjects, or sell them to a sick freak to make a real "SAW" movie (would that be too far out of line?):fear: That's my top ten!
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