Tranex Telecommunications - cellphone scams


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This is the first email


Thanks to contact with me ...

We are registered in the United Kingdom and we deliver FedEx in 48hrs to your house...

All our products are new, original, sealed in a factory box with complete accessories, 12 months warranty international and 90 days return policy, open and free to all networks ..

Ways to pay
Western Union

Money Gram

The price for the Apple Iphone 4S 64GB is $ 350 by unity, transport, taxation.

Where are you from?

How many units are you interested in buying?

If you buy 2 units, the third will be free

We are waiting for your answer


(If you don't trust him he will send you his photo passport)
I need your answer, this has all to be fraud, what do you say?

Dick H Box


Solid, pure, unadulterated scam.... with ID theft as well. A firm called Tranex Telecommunications exists, with a Northampton address & phone nos. They DON'T sell mobile phones. Your scammer is stealing their name & reputation.

Could you post the full header please, it will help us & others to track behaviour of the scammer, as & if we get more emails from him posted.


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Basically keep saying the same. They seel by Western Union, FedEx, Money Gram. Then he send his passport (false) and he can't send you a picture of him or where he work because is against his policy.