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from: Auto Wrap <>
date: Wed, Aug 16, 2017
subject: Re: car wrap

We appreciate your willingness to work with us. Here are the basic premise of the "paid to drive" concept: Pepsi company seeks 100 vehicle owners with driver's license and above 18 years of age to go about their normal daily routine, only with a big trademark of Pepsi plastered on their Vehicles (cars/trucks/bikes). The ads are typically vinyl decals, also known as "auto wraps,"that almost seems to be painted on the Vehicle, and which will cover any portion of your Vehicle's exterior surface.

What do we get out of this type of advertisement strategy?

Lots of exposure and awareness. The auto wrap tends to be colorful, eye-catching and attract lots of attention. Plus, it is a form of advertisement with a captive audience, meaning passersby as well as people who are stuck in traffic can't avoid seeing the wrapped vehicle alongside them. This program will last for 3 months and the minimum you can participate is a month.

What is the Contract Duration?

Once the wrap has been installed, minimum term is 3 - 4 weeks and maximum is 12 weeks.

Would the wrap/decal damage the paint of my vehicle ?

The decal does NOT damage the paint of vehicles and will be removed by our representative once the contract expires or at any time you want to terminate the deal. We shall be responsible for the cost of installation and removal of the wrap.

Does it cover the whole Vehicle?

No, the decal is only installed on the Vehicle trunk and doors.

You will be compensated with $450 per week which is essentially a "rental fee'' for letting our company use the space and no fee is required from you. Pepsi shall provide experts that would handle the advert placing on your vehicle to avoid any damage which may arise during installation and removal of the decals. You will receive an upfront payment of $450 in form of check via courier service for accepting to carry this advert on your vehicle. Again, no application fees is required and you wouldn't be liable nor requested to spend a dine of your personal funds in doing this. In view of this,do provide the following details if you are interested in this offer;

Full Name:
Full Address including /Apt#/Suite#/Unit# :
Phone Number(s) mobile and home :
Primary Email Address:
Make of Vehicle and year:
Do you have a driver's license?

NB: Offer closes as soon as we have the required numbers of vehicles needed.

We shall be contacting you as soon as we receive the above information.

Travis Spino
Recruitment Agent,


Staff member
More from a guest.

"The check is returned as fraudulent. The bank was aware. The email address of this perpetrator is First listed on craigslist with a phone number of 539 999 9369"


Sent me a check for $1850.00 Fed Ex. For car wrap advertising XS ENERGY DRINK.


Got one of these from Same name different email. He's using Coca Cola