trusted & legal website?


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how can we know if the website is legal or not?
if it's well known and trusted as eBay or Amazon or any other registered company in the world?
is there is any site we can use to examine suspected sites?

De Master Yoda

Hi thank you for your question.

It can be difficult to find out if a website is genuine. Usually if they ask for money up front (especially via a money transfer organization) then it needs to be looked at very carefully.

Please feel free to post copies of any email you think may be a scam and we will check it for you.

Due to many years experience in looking at many thousands of scams, we can usually get a good indication as to whether it is a scam email and so we can then check further.


Something to help you to be safe. Never click any link or visit a website from suspicious email unless you know what you are doing.

Better to c&p link and put it on trial. Here are couple links to use:

These are not absolute solutions so Yodas advise is better for unexperienced users.
Just be careful! Google is your best friend in matters like this.

More advanced way is to find out actual IP of suspicious site and try to find out data that way or use various sites like this to find data.