U K consumer group steps out of the dark ages!!

De Master Yoda

Now this is interesting!! This seems to me to be the first time that I have seen a consumer group take the initiative and actually do something to educate the public in a proactive manner!!
If this has been done properly then the people concerned deserve a pat on the back!! and a hearty well done!!
From a government department this is outstanding!!
I will try and find out more details !

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OFT posts lottery scam warning

Sandra Haurant
Monday February 19, 2007
Guardian Unlimited

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) today warned consumers not to fall for lottery and prize draw scams, which cost victims around £320m every year.

The watchdog said hundreds of thousands of false letters, emails and telephone calls reach consumers every day claiming they have won a major cash prize.

To claim the "prize", the target of the scam must send money upfront to cover so-called administration charges, processing fees or taxes. In fact, there is either no cash prize to be had, or the chances of winning anything are extremely small.

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According to the OFT, around 500,000 people fall for such scams each year, collectively losing around £320m.

The OFT has sent its own fake prize draw scam to households in the Midlands, the south-east, the north-east and Wales to raise awareness of the problem. The mailing emphasises the fact that a genuine prize draw or lottery would not ask winners to pay a fee before they can win a prize.

Christine Wade, OFT assistant chief executive, consumer advice and trading standards, said: "We hope our innovative approach will help educate consumers about these sophisticated scams."


Yes D M Y I saw an article I posted under "Damages of £750 from a spam company".
www.scotchspam.org.uk is an org posted in the report in which the person bringing the case has started .I might drop them a line because the aforementioned "Transcom" could be the same people involved in Ukraine marriage scams.