U.S.A. phishing scammer May Be Facing A Century In Prison


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U.S.A.-Phishing Scammer May Be Facing A Century In Prison

From the Gone-Phishin' Dept:

If you thought nine years in jail for spamming was excessive, then how about 101 years for phishing? That's what one phisher is facing after being convicted on various counts for his phishing scam that netted lots of credit card info from gullible AOL users. It's unclear how much time he'll actually get -- and it does seem quite reasonable that phishing fraud scams (which actually involve serious fraud and stealing money from people) should get much longer sentences. However, it still seems like 101 years seems a bit on the long side. It will be interesting to see how much time he actually gets, and how long it takes him to convince his fellow inmates to hand over their personal info.

A crook may be a little concerned now!

wow! that seems like a LOONG time!!
However when you see the hurt and damage these crooks can inflict on innocent people, then even this is not long enough!!
We can only hope that he sees the error of his ways!!
If not: then I hope he meets up with "Big Bubba" as his cell mate!!:mad:

De Master Yoda

payment for crimes

@Nanook, Thanks for this post! As you say it seems a long time.
I hope that it will act as a deterrent to other scammers! although I fear it may not have much affect on them!
It could be useful to send to the scammers!!
Maybe we could make them think a bit at least.