UK: Payback time for e-mail scammers


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From Metro UK. Oct. 30

Fed up of scams with barely believable tales of 'undervalued' Nigerian stocks or sick relatives in need of cash clogging up your inbox?

Well now there's a new website that gives you the chance to beat scammers at their own game – by conning them into thinking you've fallen for their tricks. gives people tips on how to protect themselves as they pose as gullible fools.

It then provides a message board so 'baiters' can exchange stories of how they strung the fraudsters along.

Among the funniest examples are pictures that baiters have convinced scammers to send to prove how authentic their claims are.

One shows a man standing against a wall with '100 per cent risk free' on a sign in front of him.

There are pictures of fake cheques sent by scammers, forms from their 'church' to show their holy credentials and even faked newspaper articles to show their personal tragedies.

The site also contains recordings of phone calls to scammers which people can listen to.

It was set up in Canada by a group of unidentified men who have been baiting scammers for some time and wanted to share their knowledge.

The site says: 'So the fight is on! Baiters versus Scammers – Scambaiting at its finest. Remember, these guys are criminals.

They don't give a hoot about you or your families – or how badly they leave you financially and otherwise.

'So don't give them the chance to be able to trace you.'