UK: Pensioner Loses £90,000

De Master Yoda

A really sad tale of scamming!

Here is an article from the uk newspaper "The mirror"
Whilst this is a tragic tale of a poor man being scammed, the part that scares me is his hope that he will STILL get some money from the scammers!!
One of the hardest parts of any scam for us to overcome, can be the "belief" by the victim that he will get the millions!!
I firmly believe that most victims are not greedy people, but normal people that want, say a better life for themselves or relatives. and can "see" this coming about with the money from the scammers!
In their minds they can see how they can help their loved ones, get a new house or a good education for their grandchildren! etc.
Sadly when the money does not arrive it can be devastating for these decent people and by then it is too late !
The thought of a poor pensioner losing his life's savings so that a crook can live well, fills me with anger! and makes me more determined to help stop these scammers!
"Master Yoda" :mad:

21 November 2006
By Richard Smith

A PENSIONER has lost his £90,000 life savings after sending money to prize draw scams every day for two years.

The unnamed widower replied to thousands of junk mail letters telling him he had won huge sums of money.

He was told to send an admin fee of up to £25 so he could get his winnings.

But despite posting hundreds of cheques, the 78-year-old has yet to receive anything. He said yesterday: "It got out of control. I estimate I was getting 30 letters or more a day.

"I replied giving cheques of between £5 and £25 for administration fees but never got anything back.

"And now I don't have a penny. I am in debt for the first time. I had enough money to see me to the end of my years but now I have none." The man, from Plymouth, Devon, has not dared tell his family. And he still holds out hope of winning a prize.

All the junk mail sent to him came from addresses in Britain and Canada.

The victim said: "After my wife died, I moved to a smaller place. The money from the sale of my house and other investments I had made for my children was £90,000. Now that is all gone.

"I understand I have been a victim of a scam but I do still have hope there may be something at the end of it." Trading standards officer Sue Whitney said: "The case of this poor man from Plymouth is one of the most extreme we have come across. We hope it serves as a warning to others."

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