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Denz denz

New Member
Good day to everyone.may i ask a favor to any who can help me find out if there is a program for SOCIAL WELFARE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT for FILIPINO at the office of the president of United Nations.
I really need an ASAP answer. Thank you very much

De Master Yoda

Staff member
@Denz denz welcome to AFI. We would need more information to give you a correct answer. Did you receive an unsolicited email from some one saying they are from there?

As a start are the contact details you may have received the same as these?

Office of the President of the General Assembly
United Nations
New York, NY 10017
United States

tel: (212) 963 2209
fax (212) 963 3133
web: www.un.org/ga/president
e-mail: presidentga57@un.org