Union Insurance Bank

Fake bank and website used to support a United Nations leave scam from Yemen. Fake doctor/orthopaedic surgeon,
Targets women from Vietnam.

"he said that: "I said I can't do any transactions here in the camp, okay because I'm still in Yemen and I can't make any transactions, why can't I access my account other than not affect the war and help the missionaries with the supply of weapons and ammunition. that's why the government doesn't allow foreigners to not access the account here especially UN ửokers""
"If you are logged in to my account let me know if you need the transfer code and the account code statement also let me know I will send everything to you but sadly for the woman I Do you want to spend the rest of your life? even trust me or love me"
Top of the day to you from the United Nations Organizations Vacation Department and we wish to inform you that we have received your email, and we have decided to reply you and also inform you of the conditions that have to be met so that we can grant the vacation letter of XXXwith service number, , who is presently under a contract with United Nations Organization in Yemen,

As you know, He is a South Korea citizen and a special asset of the United Nations Organization. For that reason, there are certain things that have to be done urgently so that he can be with you as soon as possible in (location removed).

1. There has to be a payment for his health/life insurance fee while he is away from Yemen. And as soon as this is done, his vacation letter will be granted and released immediately because we have to insure his life in case anything goes wrong while he is away from here (Yemen).Etc