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Hello. I have received this passport copy from a person who shows all the signs of being a scammer. Could somebody tell if it's genuine or not? Kelly Young Balker.

Balker Kelly Young.jpg
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This is a Fake Passport that a James Roderick has been using from these email addresses trying to take a 10% deposit for a helicopter sale.

dorisrode@hotmail.com Doris Rode and jjrody1@gmail.com JAMES RODERICK


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1st strong indication is the data in the visual inspection zone and the machine readable zone (MRZ) does not match.

2nd, incorrect MRZ format.

3rd, the absent of 1 of the ripcuts image.


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Help needed with UK vendor

This gentleman representing Gerald Limited (Gerald A. Worthley) is asking for addtional shipping fees paid to an independent shipping agent via Moneygram. This after my payment in full for product including free shipping. Product is claimed to be in Canada on hold until I pay. The whole transaction has been suspicious.

Worthley Gerald A.jpg

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@ktm520. Welcome to AFI. This is a typical scam. The ID is probably one that was sent to the scammer and is being used by the scammer.

asking for addtional shipping fees paid to an independent shipping agent via Moneygram.

And I would say that the "Independent" shipping agent is some one that the scammer suggested.

Please stop all contact with this scammer. If not you will only lose money. Thank you.


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Is this fake? Help!

This person, Raynor Hedge, is identifying himself with this passport to get a job, but some things in his resume make no sense and made me doubt, could someone help me to verify if its a fake or real passport? Could you also explain? Many thanks!

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UK Passport check please

I have been sent a passport and would like to know if it is valid or not. I am fairly certain it is not. Please see the attached. I am new to the site and cannot send or do much of anything yet as far as sending to the administrator.

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The picture is far to large, have to see the entire head and white background. Most counties do not want you to smile. Also, no swirls through the picture.

I agree. 100% fake!


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Sorry forgot to upload it. I asked for proof of who he is and he sent me a passport and a work ID I need to see if it is fake or not. Yes this is the first time for me. What do I need to do. Gordon Cole or Cole Gordon

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So many things wrong with that passport, it's not even in the class of "maybe a fake", it's in the class of "absolute nailed-on fake".