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we also got a form to fill it is an on going situation a contact from a contact to be able to start my business and get the money from the investors

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Fund Release Order
Oasis Finance and Security Agency, London
Swift International Lottery Guarantee Payment Bond
Mrs. Dorcas Philippe, director
Mr. Phill Camgraham, director of telex

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Hua Mulan

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Deposit agreement
London Heathrow Airport and Government of Ghana
Richard Kwame, government depositor
Dr. Charles Smith, storage unit

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Fund approval transfer
Oasis Finance and Security Agency
Pay Western Union to Rose Miller, 24 St. Johns Road, London
Mrs. Dorcas Philippe, Foreign Operations Dept.

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like Templar said its a 5 year Fixed Deposit at 3% in the format of a CD and since issued it is like a promissory note or a check and can be endorsed for transfer. As far as I remember there is a paper in HSBC which is compliance that it can not be issued that way. Believe it to be a fake. Not only will they not issue a CD that way, the signatures and signatories would not be on the paper.


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Non residence certificate issued by the British High Commission of London with a US seal right on the top! ;)

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