US: FBI warns again about tax scams


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IRS, FBI warn against tax scams
Updated: Jan 24, 2015
By Sam Sweeney

The IRS and the FBI are warning taxpayers about dozens of scams targeting your money. Americans have already lost $14 million in IRS scams.

Bette Clark's phone at Liberty Tax Service is ringing with victims. For 21 years, she's filed taxes for thousands. Now, she's sounding the alarm.

"The IRS does not make phone calls. So please beware and if you do receive a phone call like that, immediately call the police," Clark explained.

The calls sound something like this: "The reason I'm calling you is to let you know, regarding the lawsuit that has been filed against you."

They also may threaten your tax refund, to call your employer or even have you arrested. The best advice is to hang up, call police and then call the IRS.

It's not just over the phone either. Scammers are targeting people on-line too. Fake links and bogus e-mails are costing Americans millions of dollars.

"The IRS is not going to call you. They are not going to e-mail you. You will be notified by the IRS by mail," Beth Schell from the Lee County Sheriff's Office explained.

Florida remains to be the state with one of the highest identity theft rates. To avoid someone filing in your name and stealing your refund, experts suggest filing early.

"File early. You might beat the other person that may have your social security number," Clark said.....