Victim of romance scam


Jolene Smith

As a widow, I found someone I believed cared about me. It ended with $200,000.00 lost. All of my savings. The aftermath is unrelenting - I am left with very little financial resources. There is no recourse? I filed a report with IC3 almost 2 years ago. There has been no communication - not even a notification that the complaint was received.

Is there hope for those people who have lost so much?

Sapphire's Strike

Staff member
@ Jolene Smith - First of all we are very sorry to hear that you have been scammed by someone you thought you could trust. Have you reported this to your local law enforcers?
So that we may try and assist your further, you would have to join the forum so that you can use the conversation system (private message.) in order to send further details.

If you do decide to join us, please state you have done so on this thread.

Sadly many victims do not get their money back but some of these low lives do end up in jail.

De Master Yoda

@Jolene welcome to AFI. I am very sorry to hear about this scam. Please do register using a nickname and contact one of the mods or admins via the private message system.

There is always hope and you are not alone. All our resources and senior members are here to do our best to assist you.

Romance type scams are a very cruel type of scam and can leave one devastated. I would assume that by now you have gone through a whole range of emotions, Let me assure you this is normal and you are NOT the one who should feel any guilt.
Please do join and contact us so we can help you to get your life back on track. You are stronger than the scammers and can rise above this. We will do all we can to help you. Thank you.

I am surprised that IC3 has not replied, if it was me I would be contacting them again and asking them about the matter.

As the amount of money stolen is large I would think that the authorities would be interested in taking action. You can report it to your attorney generals office here:

You may have to push a little but the loss is certainly large enough to warrant more action.

If possible get hard copies of all the emails and messages from the scammer and save everything you can. If you contact us via the private message system and can supply details we can do some research on the scammer that may be of use.

As Sapphire's Strike has said, it is doubtful that any money can be recovered so we do not wish to give you false hope, but we can certainly check things out.