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Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2018
Subject: Re: Attention, This is to draw your attention to your unclaimed payment.
From: "Central Bank of Nigeria" <>


This is to bring to your notice that our office (Foreign Remittance Dept of the Central Bank of Nigeria) and in collaboration with the US Government, FBI, United Nations and the World Bank on Debts Repayments, there is therefore a thorough investigation that confirms you as one of the beneficiary of a payment totaling $10.5Million USD being an unclaimed payment in your name and email address as found in one of the files left with our legal department where it was stated "You Are Yet Unpaid" but coincidentally, we have a counter email claim from one Mrs. Sarah McDaniel who stated you are incapacitated due to an accident you encountered some time ago and to authenticate her claim, the below website was sent to us as evident of where you are involved in a cars so that we can pay her instead of you, please for your good and to ensure a disclaim to her email, you are hereby advice to see the website and make your disclaimer to us immediately.


And if you are not involved in any of the cars as shown in the website then make haste and contact our accredited lawyer (Barr. Williams Saraki) via his email at: to counter Mrs. Sarah McDaniel's claim and rather make your claim known to the lawyer. More so, confirm the following for the claim: Your full name, address and direct phone number for verification and communication. I hope this email reach you as I anticipate your immediate adherence by contacting Barrister Williams Saraki via his email at: as been advised.

My regards
Mr. Victor Attah,
(Director of Foreign Remittance Dept of Central Bank of Nigeria)
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From: "Mr. Victor Attah" <>
Subject: Re: Have you sent anyone to claim your payment on your behalf?
Date: 17 Apr 2019

Dear beneficiary,

This is to inform you we have the order requesting the immediate release of your payment totaling $10,500,000.00Million USD being an inheritance contract payment on your name and this claim is from one Mr. James Robert who is claiming you are incapacitated and that you cannot make your payment claim by yourself because you are incapacitated and to authenticate this claim he has sent us some pictures as evidence, but for your own good and to ensure your payment is release is to you alone and as the original beneficiary as stated with us, you are hereby advice to make an immediate disclaimer if you have not authorized him to make this claim on your behalf.

And to enable immediate release of the said payment to you, do ensure to send the following below.
Full name:
Contact address:
Direct contact phone no:
Sex/Marital status:

Get back quickly to us.

My regards
Mr. Victor Attah,
(Director of Foreign Remittance Dept)