Vincent Brian Pierre, Vision Finance Limited, UK

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Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2018
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Good day,

My name is Mr Vincent Brian Pierre, I am the Investment and Administrative Manager at Vision Finance Limited Norwich Branch, United Kingdom.

I have a profound and immense business I will love to discuss with you ,which will be of good benefit to both of us if carefully and intelligently handled.

I am contacting you seeking your consent to partner with me to put a claim of an Excess Investment Profit Returns (EIPR) which my department recorded.This Excess has a value of GBP8,100,000.00 (Eight Million One Hundred Thousand British Pounds only).

My purpose of contacting you is to seek your consent and permission to enlist you as one of Vision Finance foreign Investor , then after due processing the company will pay or transfer this excess value of 」8,100,000.00 to any of your nominated bank account as your annual Investment Dividend which me and you will share/disburse it among ourselves.

Note this operation strictly requires the participation of a foreign citizen,thus I am contacting you to if you will be interested and willing to work with me to actualize it.

My assignment is this operation as the company staff is to make sure i procure all the necessary documentation to back up the operation legally and officially.

Due to the nature and confidentiality of this operation,i will address the full details of this business on my next communication to you.

Please note as this great deal requires quick and fast commencement / proceeding and I will appreciate if you find time to respond to this message today and send me the below listed information to enable me commence all the paper works in your name.

1) Your Full Name :
2) Your Current Address :
3) Your Nationality :
4) Your Contact Telephone :
5) Company Name : (if any)
6) Present Occupation:
7) Sex : (Male / Female)
8) Email Address :

Looking forward to reading your email today.

Thanks in advance

Mr. Vincent Brian Pierre