Vladislava, Russia


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She's here: Vladislava, Russia

Return-Path: <VladislavaDoctor@outlook.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2021
From: Vladislava <VladislavaDoctor@outlook.com>
Subject: John this is Vladislava!!!

I am pleased to get the letter from You. I to want to hear You more and I hope that find the good friend. My name is Vladislava to me 34 years. I live in Russia. I much want to find the good friend hope, the satellite during life You understand me and we can correspond with you? I should like to report small about itself, this for me for the first time I never got acquainted through Internet but I think do the exception for itself. I have finished university, I doctor (the children's paediatrician.) work in clinic of 4 years. I much love the nature. I live one in house in which there is 2 rooms, I have a cat by name Fluffy. I have much friends. I much love to spend its free time with them. I very pleased that I have a good friends... I think that friends very important for each person. write me little about itself as You, conduct its free time that You love. I wait anxiously your answer.Send a photo in the next email.

Your friend Vladislava!


Return-Path: <VladislavaDoctor@outlook.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2021
From: Vladislava <VladislavaDoctor@outlook.com>
Subject: Hello John this is Vladislava

Hello, how are you doing?!

At this moment you are like a stranger for me, just the same stranger as I am to you.Your personal email address I received in dating agency Please excuse me if I've disturbed or bothered you. If it's not hard for you look at my photos and tell me if you would like to correspond with me or not.As for me I think it will be nice and very exciting to exchange our thoughts, emotions and photos.Please tell me more about you if you wish.I'll tell you more about me and send you more photos next time.I hope to hear from you soon, if you’ll be in mood so then write me back. I’ll be very pleased communicating with you. I think that I’d better say “Hello” for now and if you wish you can send me your “Hello” in return.Regards, Vladislava