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from: Chelsey <toncrewanton@yahoo.com>
reply-to: Chelsey <c.hingle@vlinerecruiting.com>
date: Sat, Jul 14, 2018
subject: Immediate Hire (Account Payroll Position)
mailed-by: yahoo.com

Hello Applicant,

I am a Senior Accountant, CPS Specialist in the Payroll Field and i work as a contractor by Outsourcing Checks for various companies. So they provide me with the bank account and just one authorized signature to operate and use the bank accounts to print and mail out checks to there numerous clients. Now i am looking to expand myservice therefore want to hire a book-keeper on contract who have anidea on how to operate and work with the VersaCheck gold 2012 accounting software or is a quick learner and can easily learn it.Please read carefully and digest all the following details.Listed Below are the requirement(s):

(1) Must be a fast enough to print checks neatly and have a good background.
(2) Must be willing to learn or have idea on how to use the Versacheck gold 2010 accounting software.
(3)Must have a good knowledge on how to package each check in envelopes making sure they are very secure,confidential and official.
(4)Must have a good printer and scanner for perfect and quality printing of checks.
(5)Must be able to print and mail out checks before the due courier pickup time in his/her location.
(6) Must be loyal,honest and be secrecy by keeping all information about the checks printed,bank account information and any other details confidential.
(7)You will be required to print 50-100 checks daily. As a book-keeper that will be printing and mailing out checks, there are special supplies needed.

(1) Colored Printer And Scanner
(2) Check Creation software (Will be Provided Free)
(3) Business check form #3000 Or #1000
(4) Check sized regular /standard envelopes (BROWN COLOR)

Note: (1) You must have an effective color printer with efficient Ink.The Ink must be a magnetic ink which would be compatible with the printer you're using.

(2) No weekly or Bi-weekly payment because this is an official contract and all salaries will be paid monthly.

(3)You are required to purchase supplies so as just to show commitment to the Job.Please note that this is 100% real and legit,so the fact that you are asked to purchase the papers doesn't mean one is trying to get money out of your pocket, remember you will be the one to be using this materials for printing and you are expected to purchase them so you can take it more serious and personal as if it's your own too. But note that you will be reimbursed for the purchase .

1 - Wages/income/Salary is $1500 Monthly - Including tax.
2 - Entitled to a car loan worth $6,000 after 6 months.(You apply and we process it)
3 - Bill allowance is $300 Monthly.
4 - A free training session on how to use the software program

As a book-keeper on contract,you will be paid $1500 monthly.You will be required to fill out an application form after you signify your interest, You can get the supplies at either Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy or Samsclub and you will be reimbursed and it will come along with your salary.

N:B: If you are interested and want to discuss further, reply this email. Please note that even if you are not interested,do so by sending a simple not interested message so i can move on by searching for someone else.

Thanks for your time.