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From: info@grandgekert.com
Date: Sep 28, 2020
subject: Re: Represent Us
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Apologies for that. And thank you for your message and interest in our offer.

GrandgeKert FPE is a Food Process Equipment manufacturing company founded and located in Gouda, Netherlands, and is one of the main suppliers of high quality and durable Food Processing machineries in the Industry here in the Netherlands. We focus on providing equipment and processing solutions to the Food Processing Industry.

We specialize in the manufacture and export of food processing equipment for Heating & Cooling, Mixing, and Storage & Buffering. Other products of GrandgeKert FPE include: Additive Mixing and Dosing System|Additiveline, Batter Coating Preparation System|Batterline, Projects, Skids. You can find more about us and an elaborate catalog of our products on our web address.

Suppliers of our company all have attained CE certification, and the quality and production management of our products meet the standards of ISO9001 food processing equipment quality control system, the EC Machinery Directive and the CEN (Comité de Normalisation — the European Committee for Standardization) for cover safety and hygiene standards. So, our customers are assured of very competitive price, value and industry standard quality products.

In working with us, you will be an intermediary between GrandgeKert FPE and its clients/customers in your region/country. This is in a bid to ease and smooth the relationship between us and our existing clients/customers, as well as to encourage the interest of expected prospects, and also for the ease of transactions.

The position will require you to receive payments from our customers in Canada/US for products already supplied/delivered and partly paid for, process payments and then remit to the company. This is for a 10% fixed commission for every payment processed and remitted to GrandgeKert, and an entitled monthly fixed income of $4,500.00.

This is end to end of what this position is about.

Let us hear from you.

Volkert van der Grandge.
MD/Chief Operating Officer (Algemeen Directeur)
+31 6 35259602