Waheed Khan, Abingdon Cockell Limited


[the rep fm/lawyers.com] Tuesday, August 11, 2009 10:39 AM
Received: from NAVNEET SINGH & CATALIN MICLAUS, Plot 1261, Bishop Kale Close, off Saka Tinubu, address: phone: +234-1-804-1234, fax-no:+234-1-811-0301; e-mail: [navneets@starcomms.com]

From: xxxxxxx xxxxxx <xxxxxxx@yahoo.com>
Subject: the rep fm/lawyers.com
To: [judenca@yahoo.com]

This job vacancy is open to reliable attorney who would act as our representative legal officer in US and Canada as well as establishing a medium of getting to our customers in your country.

Key Responsibilities:

Consult with customers on their needs and creative solution. Get in contact with our customers ready to offset bills. Receive payments/funds from our customers. Deduct a commission of 10% as your wages.


18 years or older.
Responsible, Reliable and Trustworthy.
Ready to work 3-4 hours per week.
Able to check and respond to emails often.
Easy telephone access.
Strong relationship building skills.
Excellent legal skills.
Practicing attorney in the US or Canada.

Thanks in advance, as we look forward working with you.


Mr. Waheed Khan
Abingdon _Cockell_ Limited
1b Chelsea Manor Street, London,
SW3 5RP. United Kingdom.