Want a bigger hard drive?

De Master Yoda

The price of large hard drives is becoming more attractive but please check first.

If you are running an older 32 bit version of Windows you will not be able to take advantage of the larger hard drives over 2TB.

The 2TB limit applies to the Master Boot record (MBR) as used by the 32 bit versions of Vista and Windows 7.

Unfortunately partitioning the hard drive into a 2TB and a 1TB partition will not help as Windows will not be able to hold a big enough number to handle the start block of the second partition.

Upgrading to Windows 8 or windows 7 64 bit is part of a solution as both these OS support GPT (GUID partition table) GUID stands for "Globally unique ID. GPT is the replacement for MBR and will support partitions up to 9.2 Zettabytes. this is approximately 10 times the size of all the traffic across the whole internet last year so should be enough !

GPT also requires a mother board that supports UEFI, so it will be best to fully check things out before spending your money on very large capacity hard drives.