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I am Wayne Lee. Am an active duty Soldier serving in the U.S Army here in Afghanistan for peace keeping. Am seeking your help to evacuate the sum of $7,000,000. I shall furnish you with more information about this immediately I receive a response from you.


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Hello I'm Capt Wayne Lee (US ARMY), I am writing to ask for your help.

Thanks in advance


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Wayne Lee <wayneleee56@aol.com>
Mon 11/11/2019


Thank you for your response Firstly I want to appreciate your concern towards the troops and also for responding to my email, I got your email from the internet as I sought for someone to partner with, let me apologize for intruding into your email without prior knowledge of whom you are and also thank you for your bravery in responding to a total stranger.

Am Presently on active service with 4th Squadron in Afghanistan. Few months ago we were alerted of the sudden presence of some Terrorists camping in Mazar-i-Sharif, a suburb not too far from Kabul here in Afghan. After Immediate intervention, we captured three of the Terrorists. They confessed being rebels for Abu Baqir a Taliban sub-commander and AL-Qaida group leader, and they took us to a cave in Tora Bora, this served as their camp. Here we recovered some boxes contains some millions of US Dollars and golds, me and my colleagues decided to share it among our self and my share was US$10 million USD.

I split it into two places and placed them in two different box which I deposited with a private diplomatic Security used mostly by our forces that can send goods easily through diplomatic and private military way to anywhere in the world without them being checked at any port of entry or customs, I told them the box contains Fragile Family Personal Gifts, so they don't know what is inside, beneath the boxes are $100 dollar bills and top of the boxes are historic books so know one will know about the funds.

I received a message from the Security Company that they are having some administrative problem and they are on the verge of folding up right at this moment because there was an Inside Attack at the depot and all properties deposited has been evacuated to Dubai (UAE). The security Company has informed all their esteemed customers to come and claim all of their Boxes and packages deposited with the Security Company to avoid any problems with the Security Company, anyone that refused to claim it at the stipulated time would be regarded as unclean and will be confiscated by the government

I trusted a lady who promised to help me receive one of the box, but since the box arrived with her, I haven't heard from her for over 3weeks now. I need your %100 trust not to run away with this funds and gold. Currently, the only box left with the diplomatic security agency is worth the sum of 7 Million USD, and I want to send if over to you for safe keeping if you are willing to work with me. You will have 40% and I will have 60%. For security reasons this transaction must be kept very secret, and should not be disclosed to anyone else. As long as you follow my instructions, I can assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free.

Do get back to me with your response and I will forward more information to you/plain]


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I'm Wayne Lee (US ARMY) currently stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan for peace keeping. Is this email private for us to discuss a $7,000,000 business that will be of mutually beneficial to us


Mine is the same.

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Somone should notify barthelme@usac-cgt.org as his email was used and it passed dmarc