Welcome to AFI / 受歡迎的愉快的鬼魂


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Hello everyone. Welcome to AFI. This room is designed for Chinese speakers to meet and exchange information about internet fraud.

If you would like to work and donate some of your time, we can certainly use your help as no one here currently speaks [FONT=&quot]中文 [/FONT]. We have a general format for what we would like to have in this room, but we can modify as necessary to meet the needs of the users.

Please PM an admin if you would like to help build this room. Thank you.


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I can speak Chinese, and i would like to help everyone.

I am Vicky. I just got the romance scams last week and got stolen by USD 18000. I met this guy from Asiandating. I have been shared with this scammer about my story for a while. Then he came to me and requesd me to send him to Malaysia to help.. his data as below, i had post on this site : http://antifraudintl.org/showthread.php?t=51593&page=3

我在 Asiandating 遇到這個愛情面子
他花了一段時間了解我的故事 並進一步欺騙我的錢
他請我把錢匯到馬來西亞 說他繼承他過世父親的遺產 急需錢繳稅金 他會儘速還我錢 就這樣我愚蠢的被騙了 我希望藉由我的故事 告訴大家小心這一類的愛情騙子


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替你感到難過, Vicky, 我也碰到愛情騙子, 美國人, 要求我寄美金四千圓給他, 我當時就覺得不對勁, 沒理他, 他叫 Hopkins Macauly 自稱是死老婆獨力撫養三個小孩 小心哪, you can never be too careful nowadays, too many scammers in this world!!!!