West Tom Exodus, Benin

The Doctor

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You've seen some of his documents, now here is is--maybe. I'm putting this here for now because I can't believe a scammer would use this as an actual picture but you never know. He is a scammer and the only thing you can tell is you can never tell. Besides, I can't imagine anyone would actually wear a clown suit like this, except for a circus.


Spanish Admin

THE Spanish Administrator
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Don't be so culturally insensitive Doctor. He probably paid a lot of someone else's money for that....whatever it is.



I have no idea how to work a goat joke into this thread. I think the clown theme is the running gag here.

Of course, CS could be right, maybe they're trying out for Othello, although I don't remember, was Othello married? I thought the was the main idea of the play.

Central Scrutinizer

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Ok, I guess we should put up the "family picture" too. I leave it to you all to discuss the fashion situation.


I know I've seen this guy before. Didn't he used to be an offensive lineman for the New York Jets, or the Pats?