Western Union: The most easy to de-fraud transfer company in the world .


Respected Sir/Madam,

At first i must apologize, i just wanted to report my predicament and my extreme harassment and since i could not find any other contact details i used your email, please do not mind. all i need is some help and guidance. My problem may seem trivial to your expertises and guidance counseling, but i could really use some help.

My name is Rajiv Ganguly and i have been a victim of Western Union money transfer fraud. I am providing you with all the relevant details. I have recently moved from Dublin to Cambridge to join a new job. I had previously been a student at Trinity College in Dublin. As you understand Sir/Madam, one of the most pressing concerns in this matter is finding a suitable accommodation. In this context i had placed an advertisement on Cambridge Gumtree site. A few private landlord got in touch with me and said that they had got requisite property and would be happy to let it out. they just told me that i had to make the a dummy transfer amongst myself, that is the receiver as well as the sender will be me while operating the Western Union and he and his lawyer can get it verified.In this context, once when i arrived in Cambridge, i foolishly did it, and i have been duped of 950 pounds. if you wish, i can give you their details. after doing the transfer, i gave the MTCN number to my landlord and his lawyer. they got back to me with confirmation that they had verified it. when i went to take out the money, from the same sending outlet, the address of which i mentioned above, they told me the money had already been picked up. The agency got in touch with their Western union contact and asked me to fill out a form, and faxed it. the number to which i faxed it is as follows: 00390267626605. they had faxed all the relevant documents to this number, including the transaction details, questionnaire and my proof of identity.

I tried to withdraw money from another outlet so as to confirm that i had actually lost my money.

please help me to get my money back. I will co-operate any way you want. i can provide you with details of the landlord and his lawyer. please help me to get a refund of the money. It is a chunk of my savings from my student days, and now i am in deep financial trouble. Please help me to get refund of money from you, and to provide the details of the transaction as required by police for their investigation and i beg you to please help me in getting a refund of the amount of £950.

in this context, i should mention

the fake landlord got back to me today saying that my money was fine and had been placed on hold by his lawyer for 24 hours and after that money will be gone. i fail to understand how he can do that, when the sender and receiver in both case is me.i am attaching a copy of the entire transcript of the gmail chat i had with him for your reference.

I look forward for your help guidance in obtaining my money. please help me.

i look forward to your help

I eagerly look forward to your reply.

thanking you,
Rajiv Ganguly
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I wonder how Western Union explained how when the sender and recipient are the same person the transfer was collected by a Nigerian?

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This is a UK Western Union transfer customer copy, similar to the one sent by Rajiv .
The name and details of recipient at the top (1)
The Sender details below (2)
bottom left is the MTCN

A receipt of a transaction with Western Union is a receipt of a money a transfer between two named parties (allbeit the same named parties in Rajiv's case)
which scammers used to obtain money because they had seen a copy of the receipt .

Can anyone tell me why Rajiv has no case against Western Union to get his money back?


UK residents

Deadline to sign up by: 17 June 2010
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Internet fraud and associated junk mail flourishes because Western Union and other payment service providers offer anonymity to fraud criminals.

Western Union handles most Internet fraud transactions, but will refuse to give victims information about the agency office used by the criminals for cash collection. It is impossible for victims to obtain the information which would allow us to identify the agency offices concerned, publish details and to alert law enforcement agencies. It seems inconceivable that victims (who are paying customers of Western Union) should not be able to know the exact location of the offices used by the criminals to collect stolen funds. If action is not taken, Britain will remain a safe haven for fraud criminals - and more of them will seek to settle here.


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I went to sign it and found this message

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Any petitions due to close between the announcement of the General Election and 3 June will have their deadlines extended to 3 June. Petitions will reopen for signatures upon the formation of the Government following the General Election.


Article regarding how online money wiring services like Western Union and Money Gram are exploited by scammers.
In the current age of almost being able to track any online financial from the sender to the receiver, covering ones tracks when effectively stealing money from people in cyberspace isn’t an incredibly easy task, but it can still be done.

These days there isn't any type of escrow or payment service in the world that doesn't require some sort of identification when setting up an account to withdraw money. If you have a Paypal account you’ll remember the steps you had to take to "verify" your account by entering the exact amount of two small payments Paypal made into your account. These are security steps to prevent fraud. These days scammers have to pick which service is easiest to take advantage of and encourage innocent victims into paying them through that service through deception.

That service that scammers typically pick is instant money wiring services like Western Union and MoneyGram.

Whilst you do need to show identification to pick up money sent to you, it isn’t hard to fake a driver’s license or a passport to pass a basic security check.
These money wiring services don’t require your bank details like Paypal or escrow services do, and can’t be traced to a verified receivers address like when accepting credit or debit payments. Additionally, you can pick up your money from anywhere in the world that has the respective store, making it a scammers paradise.

You see when sending a payment like this, the victim has to enter in the receivers details like their name and address, and optionally for added security a password or security question. They then get a control number that they pass to the scammer. The scammer enters the respective office at their end – anywhere in the world – and equipped with their fake ID showing their fake address, picks up the money and disappears. When the victim complains, any investigation to the receivers address on record just shows that the address is either faked or has never been occupied by the scammer. The money has gone for good, with very little hope of compensation or the funds ever being returned to the victim.

It is for these reasons that scammers will request payments through Western Union or MoneyGram. It is easier than hacking PayPal accounts and easier than setting up fraudulent details to accept credit/debit card payments.

Services like Western Union or MoneyGram are used to send money to people that you know. There are no exceptions. It is easy and it is instant, so sending money to family members abroad for example, can be done with little hassle or difficulty.

You should never be required to send money through these services by any professional entity, for example online shops. It is a personal service that is easily taken advantage of, so no one you have never met should ever require you to make a payment in such a way. If they do request that you make a payment this way, you know something is up.

Requests for these sorts of payments are prolific in many “Nigerian†scams including advanced fee fraud, which encompasses fake lottery winnings, fake business transactions with African bankers/barristers/widows/accountants and fraudulent job offers.
Also it is common in check cashing scams that send you fake checks that overpay you and request you send the difference back. Or when scammers send you fake checks and request you wire a percentage on elsewhere. Because it is instant payment, the money the victim wires is long gone before the banks realise the initial check was fake.

Overall - never, never, never, never wire money using these services to people that you have never met and do not know well. It is unprofessional for any business of any kind to request payment through this method, so if they do, seek help, because it is more than likely you are being scammed.

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article copied from the web http://goo.gl/sVnKg Nov1 2011