What to do with spam mail?



1) Always when you read "send this email to '10 '(or whatever number) people", "sign this petition," "will have bad luck," "will have good luck" or "something funny will appear in the screen after you send it "you can assume that the mail has a cookie that will track both your e-mail as the people who send them.

The original author of the mail is getting a copy each time mail is forwarded. These copies allow you to compile a list of "active email" to send junk mail themselves or sell these lists to those who send junk mail.

Beware of messages that say that if you do not forward shame to have faith in God / Jesus are e --- crawlers, and are blackmailing his conscience ..

These people do not care how they get their email address, as long as the adhere. Also, emails that talk about missing children or a child with an incurable disease "would you feel if your child" are sniffing mail. Ignore them and do not follow the game!

2) Almost all the emails that ask you to add your name and forward it to their contacts are similar to those letters for years in the calling cards to send a little girl in Florida who wanted to break the Guinness Record for having received the most cards. This scam, like almost all mail of this type is a form of tele merchant acquiring and validating email addresses for personal gain.

You can make a BIG favor for your family and friends if you send them this information. I would be doing a real service. Your reward will not receive, neither you nor they, junk mail in the future!

Helping yourself and DO NOT add your name to these types of list, regardless of how attractive they may appear, or you try to make you feel guilty if not added.

It's all about getting your email address.
You may think you are supporting a good cause. ! This is not true! All you are doing is getting tons of junk mail and maybe a virus .. It is also helping to send the mail to get rich. Do not make your job easier.

PLUS: e-mail requests are not accepted by the Congress or any other government entity, such as Social Security, etc.. For a petition to be acceptable must have a handwritten signature and complete address of the person signing, so this is just a waste of time and you are only helping to trace the email.

Good luck and always safe on the Internet! Ww :)
I used to get a lot of spam emails that have an "opt out" link at the bottom, and there's also a clause saying they abide by the Can Spam act in the USA. These emails range from Olive Garden coupons to Firestone tire deals to mortgage refinancing to new car promotions, just to name a few. They claim they will remove you from their mailing list in 24 to 72 hours.

I NEVER opt out of these, is it confirms to them they now have a legitimate email address and I usually get a lot more spam afterwards. Instead, I trace the origin of the spam and send abuse complaints to the originating email server. It has cut down the amount of this type of spam I receive tremendously. Unsubscribing from the advertised company does stop the spam from that specific company, but these unknown outfits promoting these companies just keep sending spam for other companies in their database.

However, you're always going to get the notorious "Canadian pharmacy" spam, or the "enlarge your penis" spam. Spammers use random email address generators to create huge spamming lists, and simple email addresses will always receive this sort of spam. It's a hit or miss kind of thing. Placing a series of random numbers in your email address helps, as these email address generators don't always generate these type of email addresses.


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Thank you

this is Julia. Thank you very much Wonderwoman for the advice. I will definitely pass this message on to my family and friends.
I really do get a lot of spam email even if the spam filters on my email account is supposed to be activated :s

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Spam has increasingly become a problem on the Internet. While every Internet user receives some spam, email addresses posted to web sites or in newsgroups and chat rooms attract the most spam.

To reduce the amount of spam you receive:

* Filter your email
* Don't reply to spam
* Be careful releasing your email address, and know how it will be used
* Use a secondary email account
* Be proactive