Why government emails are always fake

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Assuming that you actually get here to this part, here's some reasons that a government email is fake, aside from the fact that they are ALWAYS a scam.

If you have read about how to identify a scam email (which is here How to recognize a scam email) then in addition to things like bad grammar, poor spelling, even poorer punctuation, the use of free email servers, etc. these are some other things that make a government email completely bogus.

1. I am (name) of (name of government agency) of the government of (name of country).
Yeah. Government officials have enough time in the day to surf around the net and send out emails to people like you, complete strangers. In other words, no, they don't. the email you received is a scam email sent to you by a scammer/ criminal. The best thing to do with the email is to delete it and forget it. It is not real.

2. This money comes from an over invoiced contract.
Assuming for the moment that this story was really true this means the government or some government official charged some other person or company too much money for something. In other words, they stole money from that person or company. Now, if that money was real, how do you think it could be hidden from the government of country X? It couldn't. If they are not going to refund the money to the person who they over-charged in the first place, then such money should remain in that national budget and heaven knows it is desperately needed in many African countries. The "government" person who sent you the email could not move it out of the country legally and ethically it shouldn't be done either. Fortunately, there isn't any money anyway, there is only a scammer/ criminal who wants to steal your money. The best way to prevent that is to delete the email and not respond to it.

3. My name is Charles Soludo, of the Central Bank of Nigeria....or Sanusi Lamido.
No, it isn't. There is a real Charles Soludo and he is or has been the head of the Central Bank of Nigeria. He is probably the one person in the world who has had his identity stolen by more scammers than anyone else in history. No email you ever receive from "Charles Soludo" is ever real. They are always a scam. Just delete the email and forget it. Charles was also replaced as the head of the bank. The new guy is Sanusi Lamido and scammer/criminals steal his name and use it just they did with Charles.

4. I received an email from the United Nations.
No, you didn't. You received an email from a scammer/ criminal. The United Nations never sends out email to people this way. Also you did not receive an email from the current or previous Secretary General of the United Nations. Neither man has the time to send out emails to complete strangers and neither man would use a free email server like yahoo or hotmail.

Similarly, you did not receive an email from any specialized United Nations agency, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, etc. They would also never use free email servers. They have their own domains. if you get any kind of email like this the best thing is to delete it. It's a scam format.

5. I am Robert S. Mueller, III, James Comey, Christopher Wray, etc. head of the FBI in the U.S.
No, he isn't. Robert S. Mueller was the head of the FBI in the U.S. James Comey presently is the head of the FBI. In any case, neither man has time to send emails to you. Likewise, FBI agents will not send you emails like this either, especially using free email servers. The email you received is from a scammer/ criminal who wants to steal your money. And think about it: why would the head of the American FBI send you an email and tell you it's OK for you to deal with someone in Nigeria? Does that make sense? Not at all.

Scammers have an interesting relationship with the FBI. They like to steal the identity of Robert S. Mueller, III, James Comey, or other FBI agents to promote their scams. They also like to threaten you with the FBI if you don't send your money to them (the scammers). Apparently they think that the FBI impresses or scares people in equal measure which merely proves they understand very little about the U.S. If they did, they would know that the FBI would like to arrest and prosecute the scammer and put him away in a nice federal prison for a long time.

Oh, the email? Just delete it. It's a scam.

6. "Note that as soon as the Diplomatic arrive to your Country they will give you a call immediately to enable you help them to get (Yellow Tag Paper)"
There is no such thing as the or a "Yellow Tag Paper". This is something scammers have invented because they think it sounds impressive. It is garbage and you can safely delete the email.

7. "So to this regards you are to re-assure and proof to us that what you are about to receive is a clean money by sending to us FBI Identification Record and also Diplomatic Immunity Seal Of Transfer(DIST) to satisfy to us that the money your about to receive is legitimate and real money."
This is from a scammer/criminal who has gotten too smart for his own good. It's complete nonsense and any American would know that. If you're not American, this is nonsense. There is no such thing. Just delete the email because it's a scam.

8. "I have money from my government and I want to share it with you".
Sure. What could be illegal or unethical about that. And besides, why exactly did he choose you? Oh yeah, of course, there's no money at all. It's a scam mail.

9. "We are a government (or international agency) and we want to send you an ATM card."
Anyone who even mentions sending you an ATM card is a scammer and any such offer is always a scam. See ATM scam formats at : Why ATM card emails are always a scam
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