Why your email from WU/ MG is fake

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Assuming that you actually get here to this part, here's some reasons that the email you received from "Western Union" or "Money Gram" is probably fake. I do want to emphasize that both Western Union and Money Gram are legitimate businesses. However, if you are reading about an email posted here at AFI or any other anti-fraud website then you can be certain it's a fake.

If you have read about how to identify a scam email (which is here) then in addition to things like bad grammar, poor spelling, even poorer punctuation, the use of free email servers, etc. these are some other things that make an email from from "Western Union" or "Money Gram" completely bogus.

1. We are from "Western Union" or "Money Gram"
No, they aren't. They are never from the real "Western Union" or "Money Gram". The person who sent you the email is a criminal and he wants to steal your money. The best thing to do with the email is to delete it and don't ever respond to it.

2. We have been mandated by the United Nations/ World Bank etc to pay you....a lot of money.
No, they haven't. The United Nations does not mandate anyone to do anything. Neither does the IMF, the World Bank, a Central Bank or any other government agency. The short answer is that no one gives you money for nothing, not Western Union, not Money Gram, not a Central Bank, not the United Nations etc. These are emails from criminals who want to steal your money. Just delete them and don't respond to them.

3. We are from WU or MG and we have sent you $5,000 so now we want you to send us money by WU or MG.
And what could be more fair? They sent you a lot of money, why would you begrudge them a mere $95 for some sort of fee? Except you did not really receive $5,000 and you will never receive a dime from these people. They are criminals. They steal money. They don't give it away.

4. We will be sending you $5,000 a day until you receive your final payment.
Why would anyone send you $5,000 a day if they have to send you $1 million? Why not send you all the money at one time by a wire transfer to your bank? (Because there isn't any money anyway? Right!) In this example, if they send you $5,000 a day that would take 200 days or nearly seven months for you to receive $1 million. Would you want to run down to WU every day for $5,000 for seven months? Do you want to carry that kind of cash around in your pocket until you can get to the bank? No, you probably would not. I wouldn't. There are faster and easier ways to send large amounts of money around the globe. This idea of $5,000 a day is a scammer fiction invented by criminals who want to steal your money. They offer you the hope of a large amount of money but all they will do is steal from you because they are thieves.

5. We are from Western Union/ Money Gram in Benin and we have....
This is actually a partially correct statement. The person who sent you the email is probably in Benin. However, he does not work for either agency and he is not going to send you any money.

6. We have sent you a payment from Western Union so now contact Western Union....
So you just contacted me by email to tell me that you sent money and now you want me to contact you? Why? You must know my information because you just sent me money....but of course they didn't actually send you anything except a scam email. Just delete it.
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