Why your employment email is probably fake

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Assuming that you actually get here to this part, here's some reasons that your employment email is probably fake.

If you have read about how to identify a scam email (which is here) then in addition to things like bad grammar, poor spelling, even poorer punctuation, the use of free email servers, etc. these are some other things that might mean your employment email is a scam.

What's the scam?
In this subforum you are going to run into the scam type called the "advanced fee fraud". In the advanced fee fraud the "employer" is going to find amazingly creative advanced fees you have to pay in order for you to get your job and/or work visa. But as with any advanced fee fraud all you will do is pay money to get that visa and you aren't ever going to get a visa. You're only going to pay money. There is no job for you, there is only a scammer/criminal who wants to steal your money.

1. I got an offer from a really big company.
Nice. Is it a real company? How do you know? Did you check? Just because someone says they are from a major international company does not mean they are.

2. A company says they found my resume (C.V.) online and they want to hire me.
Great. Most scammers says that. They may actually have seen your resume online if you posted it somewhere. They want to contact you because....they want to steal your money.

On the other hand, if you don't have a resume posted online then how did they find you?

3. I have to get a work visa. The company says I have to pay for it.
Without going into a lot of detail here, yes, if you live in country A and you want to work in country B you need to have a work visa. Governments issue works visas and there's a small charge for a visa but, in general, it's probably less than $100. If "they" tell you it's more, like $2,000, then you have a scammer trying to steal your money.

Governments issue work visas if they need to hire people to work. In countries with high unemployment, that government isn't going to issue work visas to foreigners when they have so many unemployed people in country B. If, on the other hand, they are a labor deficit country (and there are some, particularly in parts of the Middle East), then they are more than happy to issue work visas because they need people.

Whether or not country B is hiring, these conditions change all the time. There's a very easy way to check. Contact the embassy or nearest consulate of country B in your country. Ask them if you can get a work visa. If they say yes then maybe you can get a job in country B. If they say no, then they aren't hiring foreigners in country B at that time. The key here is real simple: the embassy or consulate in country B will give you that information. You just have to ask.

4. I have to apply for my visa with an agent and they want a lot of money for the visa.
About the same as #3. Governments issue visas. There is a charge for a work visa but it's not a lot. Any money you pay for a visa will go to the government of country B. It does not go to an "agent". If someone wants you to pay an agent for a work visa, that's a scam. Besides which, if you were applying for a real job you would get a letter of provisional employment from the company which you would then take to the embassy or consulate of country B to apply for a work visa. You would do that yourself. Why would you need an agent to do it for you?

5. The company says they will get a visa for me.
Great. That's the way it should work if the company really wants to hire you. However, as in #3 or #4, the charge for a visa is very small so if they tell you that you have to pay a lot of money for a visa then you have a scammer and not a real employer.

6. A company in Ghana found a job for me in Canada.
This actually came up the other day. So why does a Canadian company needs someone in Ghana to find employees for them? Are there no employment agencies in Canada? The nearest place the Canadians can find is Ghana?

It's a scam if it's a job offering from Ghana. Delete it folks.

7. I am currently Looking for someone who can Receive your mail/packages, Mail out mail/packages through UPS, Receive item purchase list (clothing and electronics), Shop for and purchase items (clothing and electronics) Mail out items (clothing and electronics).
We are seeing more of these. These are probably re-shipment scams. You would probably receive stolen goods and be asked to forward them on to some scammer in Afirca. You don't want to go there and you don't want to do that. It's usually called a felony.

8. "You must contact the travel agency...."
...except that isn't really a travel agency. It's a scammer/criminal who is posing as a travel agency. Whatever travel reservations they make for you, you're going to pay more than you really would and when you get to the airport...nothing. Don't contact the "travel agent" and just delete the email because it's a scam.

9. "We want you to do "car wrap" to advertise our product...."
They might even send you some actual material but in this particular case what they really want to send you is a fake check. It work just like the fake checks here: http://antifraudintl.org/threads/representative-scam.233/.

They will probably send you a fake check for too much and they'll ask you to send most of the check amount back to them, before the check bounces. Don't fall for it. If the check is really large it's a scam and it's fake. Don't even try and deposit the check or cash it. You will wind up losing the face value of the check, say $2,000, and then when the check bounces you'll owe another $2,000 to your bank. Your total loss on a fake check scam is always going to be double the face value of the check.


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And please do NOT post your resume at AFI. We are not a jobs service. Also it is not safe for you.


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For Americans, scammers (reshipper scams) are now sending and requesting I9 and W2 forms to enhance their scams. Some do this in addition to telephone interviews. Obviously, this makes theft of your identity much easier. Please be careful which email you respond to and what kind of information you provide to people you don't know.
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