Why your orphan email is a scam

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Assuming that you actually get here to this part, here's some reasons that an orphan email is fake, aside from the fact that they are ALWAYS fake.

If you have read about how to identify a scam email (which is here) then in addition to things like bad grammar, poor spelling, even poorer punctuation, the use of free email servers, etc. these are some other things that make an orphan email completely bogus.

1. I am a poor girl or boy in...
No, "she" or "he" isn't. The email you got was sent by a man. He's a criminal. He uses the internet to steal money. The best thing you can do with the email is to just delete it.

2. My father was a rich merchant in...
This one is interesting. If the father is so wealthy how come the kid does not have access to the money? (And you're saying-- "because there's no money!) and you're right. There's no daughter or son and there's no rich merchant father. It's a scam mail and nothing more. Delete it and forget it.

3. My wicked stepmother wants to kill me.
Isn't that always the way.

4. "Please help me, I am only a 24 year old girl..."
In most places these are women, of legal age and legal competence.

5. "I want you to invest my money in your country".
Get a lawyer or an investment adviser. That's what they're paid to do.

6. "I have money in a trunkbox".
Don't they all. It probably looks like one of these http://antifraudintl.org/showthread.php?538 if you ask for a photo.

7. "I am willing to offer you 20% of the total sum for your effort input after the successful transfer of this money into your account."
This is a person who knows nothing about banking. "She" can open an account in any country and transfer the money anywhere else. She doesn't need you. Forget her, there isn't any money anyway.
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