Whyte John

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Dear Sir.

Accept my apologies for writing to you in this mode for it might be of inconvenience to you, But due to my quest for an honest and reliable international assistance who can stand to be my beneficiary to my inherited funds and Gold from my late father Dr. Jonathan Sarpong I have no option but to go this length, My name is Whyte John

Before the death of my father he own net balance of US$11.120 Millions with some kilo of Gold,which i want to transfer for investment and i know that i can count on you that with your experience, we can work together to achieve my dream. In this regards i contacted you to be my beneficiary or partner for investment of the funds.

I will provide you with necessary documents as soon as I confirm your willingness and readiness to assist me. I will be very glad if you can be my beneficiary.

Waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely
Whyte John