From:, Nigeria, Abuja, Mtn Nigeria Communication Limited
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Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2019
From: the beneficiaries of the Fund <a1.915536372@a1.net>
To: rpopelka@yahoo.com
Reply-To: dcompany89@aol.com
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To: the beneficiaries of the Fund,

I hereby inform you that the IMF has just determined that you have received an unpaid $ 15.5 million profit-sharing agreement / compensation through the IMF Central Data System and a partial payment of $ 7.8 million. USD has been approved for ATM payment.

I have registered the ATM CARD as stated at DHL COMPANY. The delivery takes place immediately after contacting the COMPANY. Based on the agreement with DHL Director William Brown. He assured us that the only thing you have to do is to pay to get your ATM (ATM CARD) the money is the delivery fee.

Contact the DHL company now and ask how much it will cost you to get your ATM card from your company. IMPORTANT: Please confirm your current delivery address again and contact him via this email address: (dcompany89@aol.com). The amount processed on the ATM card is $ 7.8 million and the PIN code is {0608}.

Many Thanks.