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Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2020

Human Resources Department
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BluePay Merchants

Employment Designation: Accounts Receivable/Payable


I am William Benson with BluePay Merchant Services, we received special recommendations from career guides and based on your location you qualify for this great part-time job opportunity with us at BluePay, as a freelance merchant officer to work as our Accounts Receivable/Payable.

Your job is to receive payments from our customers processing payment through GooglePay and Square and forward the payment to the retailer or seller, after deducting your 15%. Which saves us from using paying 3rd party processing companies at the rate of $3m annually.

You stand to earn up to USD2000 commission per week based on the amount/transaction you are able to receive which is relative to your FICO credit score, Job Benefits includes, consolidated debt coverage on your home mortgages and all your cards tax deductibles - which means we'll be covering any debts you owe on your credit card (if you owe any) as that's a requirement to operate our merchant account portfolio, and over the course of working with us you would have paid off all the debts you owe within a span of 2weeks depending on your debt.

If you decide to work with us for 1 year you also gain access to bid for business loans and contracts.

Kindly consider this offer, as only a few persons within your location specific qualifications, qualify for this great job opportunity.

Upon consideration, provide us with your direct phone number, home address and FICO Score, I'll give you a call once we hear back from you.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us if you require further pieces of information.<

[Human Resources Department]
BluePay Merchant Services