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From Liver pool. :rolleyes:

From Williams
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Subject: Hello
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009

Am sorry for using this medium to pass this message to you.Am Williams, 47 an Interior Decorator.I live in Liver pool,united Kingdom .Am a widow.I lost my wife few months ago in a ghastly motor accident and she just gave birth to my little Nancy 6 months.I also have a son Louis 6 years. seeking for the services of nanny or a driver to come and work for me in the U.K.I am willing to offer Eight Hundred and Fifty pounds sterling(850.00 Gbp) per week and will provide monthly shopping allowances as well as accommodation and also help you in process your visa to United kingdom. If interested do reply to my email at [owensway@hotmail.com] Want to talk to Mr Williams ?Dial +447045779955 I will be anxiously and eagerly waiting to hear from you soonest through my private email address above.

Your Sincerely,

De Master Yoda


Interesting to note that he is offering GBP850 per week to overseas "drivers" yet could obtain thousands of local drivers for that amount per week!

Not the smartest scammer in the woods!