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From: " Mr. Willie Godwin" <barristerroye@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2021
Subject: Good morning dear customer

Good morning dear customer,

After meeting held this morning concern those who has a package for long time which has been turned to abandon package due-to corona virus if your save and still alive till today please come forward right now because this three days promo for new month which will end by next tomorrow evening time Feb 7th 2021 being Sunday and there is compensation of $850,000, 00 and remember that you must send $50 steam card for service charges and as your contacting us make sure your address is correct because it is one day delivery to your home express,

And if you did mistake your package will post to wrong direction and it will take more days to connect it direct to your correct address so be careful and did no mistake, Try to contact us with your full address and $50 card needed okay,

Mr. Willie Godwin
Email-- dhlcagent96@aol.com
Tell 605-273-2028
Dhl delivery agent
Their customer happy new month there is problem for 72 hours urgent to receive your package