Mama Kalaki , 'spellcaster' scammer: https://mamakalakisolution.wixsite.com/spell

Dr Uduro , 'spellcaster' scammer: https://drudurohaberahome.wixsite.com/druduro

Dr Okaya , 'spellcaster' scammer: https://okayaspellhelp0.wixsite.com/website
Also using +27814506790 : ROLAND LOAN COMPANY LTD. - https://rolandaccessloanle.wixsite.com/website

Marvin Investments Limited : http://marvininvestmentsl.wixsite.com/marvininvestment-uk

Destiny Loan Firm : https://destinyfirmm.wixsite.com/destinyloanfirmweb
Also accidentally call themselves Mr Jude Shanko Loan Firm

Watts Gerald Loan Firm : https://wattsloanfirm5.wixsite.com/website

Raymond Hills Finance Company , another loan scam: http://raymondhills12345.wixsite.com/loan

World Best Loans , apart from the fact that it's a scam: http://worldbestloans.wixsite.com/worldbestloans
Chief Mbowa , 'spellcaster' scammer: https://www.chiefmbowa.com
Also uses the false names Chief Kulu and Psychic Kamara

Abdul Karim , 'spellcaster' scammer: https://workingsangoma.wixsite.com/strongspells
Two pet scam websites registered with the same fake details:

https://www.lucasbirds.com - Lucas Farm
https://www.dkgres.com - Tiniti Grey Farm

Lord Eric , Illuminati scammer - http://illuminatenlighten.wixsite.com/join
Lord Malcom , Illuminati scammer - https://officialsofilluminat.wixsite.com/join

Dr Ahmed Fayez, Grey Lab (wash wash scam site) - http://greylabworld.wixsite.com/greylab

Prof Kitwa , 'spellcaster' scammer - https://profkitwa.wixsite.com/abortion-pills/
He also uses the false names Dr Luke and Dr Zama on +27784487904 .


Chief Mbowa , 'spellcaster' scammer: https://www.chiefmbowa.com
Also uses the false names Chief Kulu and Psychic Kamara

Abdul Karim , 'spellcaster' scammer: https://workingsangoma.wixsite.com/strongspells
can you tell me more about this scam with chiefmbowa? i think i have been done also and would love re assurance?? thanks

De Master Yoda

@ddddaaaaannn Welcome to AFI. The scammer calling himself Chief Mbowa is a FAKE. He is not a chief of anything, it is a fake title he is using to try to make him sound important. He has NO powers he is just a scammer trying to steal money from you.

I am sorry that you may have been tricked by this scammer who falsely claims to be a "spellcaster" Please stop all contact with him as he will continue to lie to you and try to steal more money from you with false promises. Thank you.
'Spellcaster' scam sites:

https://doctoreromonsele.wixsite.com/spellcaster - doctoreromonsele@gmail.com , doctorhealerbello@gmail.com and +2349031751608 - Doctor Eromonsele, who also calls himself Healer Bello, Ogbo and Dr Okoro

https://mukasaasanti.wixsite.com/bestafricanmagicring - mukasaasanti@gmail.com and +27710482807 - Mama Farida or Faroda

https://doctorakhigberemed.wixsite.com/doctorakhigberemedie - doctorakhigberemedies@gmail.com , +2347011935631 , Doctor Akhigbe

https://drharryherbaltempl.wixsite.com/solutiontemple - drharrysolution@gmail.com , +2348143240563 and +2349036417079 - Dr Harry

https://herbalhome247.wixsite.com/mysite - herbal.home247@yahoo.com , +2348078467513 and +2348148593443 - Dr Okuns

https://dragbibalhome.wixsite.com/dragbibalhome - dragbibalhome@gmail.com and +2349068918769 - Dr Agbi , also uses the name Adams Rich

https://drsalatosolutionte0.wixsite.com/drsalato - Dr Salato - drsalatosolutiontemple@gmail.com and +2348103629945

Illuminati scam sites:

https://www.illuminatiinusa.com/ - Priest Tony Illuminati Lodge - priesttony666@gmail.com and +27603303447
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Dr Edidia the 'spellcaster' scammer: https://dredidiaherbalhome.wixsite.com/dredidiaherbalhome/

Also uses the following names:
Mrs Marian
Dr Ogbela
Dr Oduwa
Dr Isong
Dr Baba
Dr Mirror Ogigiwu
Dr Ibhaze

Uses the following contact details:
0907 450 5296
'Spellcaster' scam site:

prophetnandi.com - Calls themselves Prophet Nandi on this site but they also use the false names Sheik Manu and Sheik Kamal - +17253336774 , sheikmanu2018@gmail.com and sheikkamal100@gmail.com
'Spellcaster' scam sites:

https://mamaaisha855.wixsite.com/website - Mama Aisha , who also calls themselves Mama Alicia and Dr Mondo - +27835952492 , drmondo885@gmail.com , mamaaisha855@gmail.com

https://krampwillis.wixsite.com/papamuntuspells - Papa Muntu , also calls themselves Sheikh Omar - +27 63 989 6887 , +27 78 695 4657 , SHEIKHOMARLOVESPELL@GMAIL.COM and PAPAMUNTU365@GMAIL.COM

Illuminati scam site:

https://lordlucasossey1.wixsite.com/website - +27835263341 , +27623585868 , lordcossy@gmail.com , lordlucasossey1@gmail.com and lordlucasossey@gmail.com
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The 'spellcaster' scammer Dr Anzu / Dr Goddy / Dr Goody / Dr Giddy / Dr Muzole / Mama Trinah / Dr Mama Lily https://francebyaruhanga.wixsite.com/mysite

They use: